Sunday, 30 March 2014

Save The World…Buy More Vintage
Hi Vintage Lovers,

All week I have been reminding myself that Earth Hour was on last night.
Did you switch off for the hour ???

 We did right throughout our old lady...any excuse for candles really.

She certainly was gorgeous in the warm glow of candles.
I really didn't want to put them all out before we piled into bed.

Earth Hour did get me thinking though, we claim to be so eco friendly in this day and age, but how much are we actually doing to benefit our planet...compared to our forefathers.

In times gone by people did not have an intimate knowledge of recycling, nor did they have the technology to achieve this. But wow, they really were the ultimate reusers, nothing was wasted, it was used until it couldn't be anymore, and if it did the job, then looks didn't really matter.

These days we build to throw out, items do not last like they used to, and we are obsessed with how things look, rather than how well they work. 
Something to think about.....isn't it?????

So, we should do more of......

Reduce, Reuse, Rethink and Repurpose

Buying at Thrift and Op-shops.....Garage Sales and Flea Markets and

Buying antique, Old and Vintage.

 All these things are helping to reduce our carbon footprint.
Isn't It ??????

Have you heard ????
Vintage shopping is good for the Earth.

No more encouragement needed.
I am staying loyal to save the Earth.
Mel xx


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