Thursday, 27 March 2014

Friday Favourites

Hi Vintage Lovers,

It has been the most beautiful week here.
Autumn is finally here to stay, I think (and hope). We have started having some cooler nights and some rain (it has been a little chilly and I have even pulled out the rug each night) but the days have been just gorgeous with the sun shining.

Perfect to get a few things done in the garden.
I am looking forward to starting planting in the garden come April.
Hopefully we will have a little more rain in the next week or so to soak the garden beds a little more before we start planting.

While I have been out in the garden, I have been thinking about where to pop a washing line of late, and what type I would like. The old one, apart from falling to bits was in the middle of our lawn area (not good when the kids want to play footy and cricket) so it had to go. We have a line strung up under the back veranda for now, but I would really love something like this...... hang my clothes on.

The old insulators on the top cross beam looks brilliant.
It would be fantastic to use the old insulators and attach the line or wire to them to make it look more authentic.

It is certainly a perfect way to make the washing line fit in with the vintage garden.
Don't you think?

I love this idea, it looks so old fashioned and I think it would suit our Old Lady perfectly.

Have a fabulous weekend, Everyone.
Mel xx



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