Monday, 3 March 2014

Kelvin the Kelvinator.....
Hi Vintage Lovers,

As you can see, Kelvin the Kelvinator's restoration is well under way and he looks like a completely new person... (fridge!).

Eight coats of paint have gone on and Kelvin has been polished to perfection. The photos just don't do him justice.
He is now ready to be reassembled, but first the badges and ice chest door need to be painted.

But the icing on the restoration cake was definitely this little find over the weekend. 
This old fridge dish was in the shed with spare car parts in it, and is the perfect match for Kelvin.
It had been my grandma's, out of her old 1950's fridge. I had completely forgotten I had it.
I am thrilled to bits about finding the dish and it means I will have something else to remind me of her every I time I open the fridge.
 So off she went to the sandblaster this morning and will be painted the cream with the lettering still in blue that will match Kelvin's colouring (he also has blue in his badge work).
I can't wait to see her all done up, finished off and with Kelvin.

Have a fantastic week.
Mel xx

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