Monday, 17 February 2014

A Welcome Change & a Sneak Peek......
Hi Vintage Lovers,
We have had a very welcome change in the weather here. We have gone from extreme heat to rain and flooding late last week. Maybe we might have seen the end of summer....I certainly hope so. I am not a summer person (to be honest). I seem to get so much more done in the cooler months. The garden is looking so much happier after the has been so dry over the summer period.  Our sunflowers that we planted along the shed and entertaining area have all flowered  in the last week and look fantastic. 

I have started thinking and planning for planting in the garden come Autumn. Our first job (over the next few months) will be to establish hedges around the borders of our Old Lady, so we have started preparing the areas for planting.

I thought I would give you a sneak peak at a couple of projects (it will be a few weeks before we are finished them) we have been working on........

 ..........a new lock for the front door that matches the original door lock with the large old door key (which I am smitten over)........

........... and an old 1950's Kelvinator fridge (that we bought for $40) that we are in the middle of re-painting and re-storing.
I can't wait to have her in the kitchen.
Have a fabulous week.
Mel xx

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Summer Holidays...
Hi Vintage Lovers,

Well we are certainly in the middle of summer here in Australia.
A bit different from the weather that my gorgeous overseas readers are experiencing at the moment.
We have been breaking all sorts of weather records with the extreme heat.
The kids had great summer school holidays with lots of trips to the beach and backyard cricket games.
But they disappeared way to quickly and they are now back at school.  *Sigh*
With all this hot weather we have been having we had a chance to reorganise the family room.
I have been wanting to do it for a while now, but just haven't found the time. I have never been happy with the family room, it always felt a little too cramped for my liking.
So, we had a re-shuffle with the furniture, the desk and filing cabinet were moved which then gave us extra space to move Ella (our beautiful club lounge) around to create a roomy feel...
much, much better.

 We have found an old wine barrel for our outdoor entertaining area
at a second hand shop for $100 on the weekend. It looks fabulous - just what the area needed. 

It is originally from a local winery, Ballast Stone Winery (who do have a rather nice drop of wine also). We love the fact that it has local history attached to it.

Friends of ours have also been doing a spot of renovating and were kind enough to give us the leadlight cabinet in the picture below that was surplus to their needs. It looks great in our outdoor entertaining area and will hold all those special things like chair cushions, candles, cutlery and some vintage items of course.

 The next idea for the entertaining area is to find some old sheets of  corrugated iron to line the back wall of the area and hang old and vintage tools and implements from it.
I think that will set the area off fantastically.
The best part of these hot summer days are the balmy nights and sunsets that look fantastic.
Although I am soooooo looking forward to Autumn now. Cooler weather and being able to get out in the garden. Only a few weeks to go of summer (Not that I am counting).
Keep cool everyone and for everyone on the other side of the world keep warm.
Mel xx