Monday, 17 March 2014

Some unexpected surprises...
Hi Vintage Lovers,
We've had a busy weekend... to say the least! The old gate that we bought last weekend was supposed to be erected this weekend but, well... we hit some minor bumps, as you can probably see in the photos below.

When we pulled that off there was a section of gate missing!
Poor thing...

...So, we need to repair her, then she will be off to the sandblasters to be powder coated.
Looks like it will not be until April until we have her erected.

So yesterday we spent the day in the garden instead, weeding and pulling out this summer seasons crop of sunflowers. We have also turned over the soil ready for new hedging plants along the shed eventually hide the shed.

We have also laid bricks out and created new garden beds around the outsides of the existing ones.

I can't wait to get some plants in there.
That will start in April as well as putting in the front gate and the two smaller gates that I was planning to put near the store house.

Have a fantastic week.
Keep Smiling. J
Mel xx




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