Thursday, 10 April 2014

 Friday Favourites

Happy Friday Friends.

It has been a very hectic few weeks here, and I am so glad it is the end of the week and school holidays start today.  
I am looking forward to taking it a little easier over the next few weeks. Maybe even a few extra lie-in's, although that may not happen with kids that are normally up at the crack of dawn, even when it is school holidays. 
We are planning to erect two of my old garden gates this weekend and to start planting some hedges around the outskirts of the garden.

It has been raining here for the past few days, decent soaking rain, which has been so wonderful, and I can finally start planting. 
Rather Happy !!!
 I'll post about the gates and plants early next week for you all to see. J

So, for Friday Favourites this week.....
some wrought iron beauties for you to enjoy....

 Fantastic old farm gates........I adore these.

 Beautiful old iron work

Love the gates in the middle of the flower garden

Entrance to a secret garden ??

Rusted to perfection


I am crazy about this beautiful old post and gate

I love the hedges that lead up to this sweet cottage.
Isn't it gorgeous ??

You will find me in the garden this weekend getting my hands dirty... and loving it.

Mel xx


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