Friday, 31 May 2013

Exposing the Beauty Within

Hi Vintage Lovers,
Old houses are just gorgeous, every bit of them.
The building materials, the time and care that has gone into building them is incredible compared to how they build houses today. There is no comparison. The Old Croft has been standing for 130 years so far and I am sure she will be standing long after all these modern houses that are being built now.
We have had our electrician and plasterer in this week. We are re-doing all the wiring and plaster work in the kitchen.

Here's a look (just to jog your memory) at our kitchen before we started...........

and after the timber splash back came off earlier this week.

 Then the plasterer came in to work his magic.......but first he had to demolish all the loose plaster........

and more loose plaster on the other side of the kitchen. 

It is a huge job, and it will be going on for a few weeks yet.
Well worth all the effort though.
She will look amazing.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone.
Mel xx


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