Friday, 24 May 2013

Old Original Baltic Floorboards ~ Part 2
Hi Vintage Lovers,

The floors are finished and look fantastic. We are so happy 'on cloud nine' with the way they look. It took a little longer than expected because the kitchen floor needed more attention and TLC then we first thought. She has come up a treat now and well worth the extra time spent on her.
Our kitchen after sanding...........
and after polishing.

The Bedroom (next to the kitchen) after sanding.........

and after polishing.

The floorboards going down in the bedroom.......


 and after sanding.
This bedroom is part of the extension so it is built on a slab (as I mentioned in previous posts). I was really keen on having it look exactly the same as the original house. After a bit of research, I found a flooring business that were able to do it. They started by putting down a damp proofing, then 12mm ply wood base that was bolted into the concrete slab. The old baltic floor boards were then glued directly to the plywood base and nails added to make it look authentic. Finally it was sanded and sealed giving a look that it always belonged there.

We are so happy excited with how this room finished up. It looks like the floorboards have been there all along which is exactly what we were hoping to achieve. We have definitely decided to go ahead with the floorboards in the family room after seeing how fantastic they look in the bedroom. That will definitely have to wait till next year. There are a few jobs that need doing before that.

We are spending the weekend packing and organising. Only three weeks to go before moving. Not long now! Can't wait.

Have a great weekend.
Mel xx

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