Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Old Original Baltic Floorboards ~ Part 1
Hi vintage Lovers,

We are having a break this week from the removal work so the floor boards in the kitchen and one of the bedrooms (the two worst rooms) can be sanded and re-varnished. These two rooms have the original baltic floorboards.

The poor kitchen is in some desperate need of some TLC.
The bedroom is better but still needs some love also.
The plan is to have old original baltic boards throughout, even in the extension. I really want the floorboard look to continue throughout, so the the extension does not look like one.  I wanted to honour the history of The Old Croft and not modernise her. That in itself would leave her with no character or charm. I have done lots of research and came up with a grand plan!!!!! Yes, floorboards can be done over a slab ! It will be done in stages, but it can be done.
The bedroom (that we took the carpet out of) is the first to have the old baltic floorboards layed, which will be also happening this week.
Carpet removal
Old floorboards on the back verandah waiting to be put in the bedroom. 
The damp proofing and ply wood go down first.
then the baltic floorboards.
The family room will follow that at some stage next year. It has teracotta tiles down at the moment. We can live with them for now until we decide to go ahead with the floorboards in that area.
 We have decided to leave the two front rooms of The Old Croft for now. The boards in the two front rooms are quite good and will not need work for a few years yet. They are just pine floorboards and will need to be completely replaced with the old orginal baltic at some stage (after the family room).
Part 2 next week................pop back in then. J
Mel xx


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