Monday, 27 May 2013

Oh My, Agatha the Aga.....
Hi Vintage Lovers,

There has been a change of plans at The Old Croft.
We have done some more research on stoves over the past few weeks and have worked out that we are able to have an Aga stove after all. The original Aga Stove that we were looking at was just too big and expensive and used too much power. But there is a smaller Aga stove with 2 ovens and 4 hot plates that is perfect for what we want. I am sooooo excited. We have ordered it today, Yay! I am doing a little happy dance right now!
I have heard that an "Aga stove" are not just any old stove, they have a heart and soul of their own and become a very big part of "the heart of the home". I have decided to name our Aga already, even though we haven't met her yet and she's still in England as I type. Her name will be Agatha the Aga or Aggie for short!
There is only one down side, because they are made in England, she needs to be shipped out here, that will take 4 months! So no Sunday roasts or baking for a while! It's not too bad, we will have the electric fry pan and will borrow a little gas cooker as well. It will be like we are camping!
Hope you are having a good week.
Mel xx

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