Sunday, 5 May 2013

Out with the new and In with the old…….

Hi Vintage Lovers,

The kitchen renovation has started.............not that we were planning to do it so soon! The old stove needed to come out so that the floorboards can be done.

So glad the stove is gone now.

It has created some more work - there was wood panelling along the wall that we have decided to remove. It made the kitchen smaller and just didn't suit. I have started the removal job and it looks much better with out it. Don't you think?

The floorboards underneath the stove are in great condition. The end floorboard is not an original baltic though so it will have to be replaced when the floors are done next week.
We then had to go stove shopping.  J I am wanting a more traditional stove to match the era of The Old Croft. My first thought was an Aga Stove but now we are thinking of an Esse Stove, as gorgeous as the Aga but a little less expensive (still have a budget to work to L).

We are looking at this Esse stove which has two ovens and a plate warming oven. It is electric with a bone shaped hob on top.

The stove is gorgeous and would match perfectly in the kitchen next to the original fireplace. My only concern  unanswered thought is to what to do a splashback in for the stove area? I don't want anything that will take away attention from the stove. I have thought of pressed metal, just not sure that it will match yet. Will have to give it some more thought.

The other side of the kitchen has the timber cupboards with the timber panelling as the splashback. I am wanting to get rid of the little draws and plate holder to create more bench space. We then have two options, either leave the wood panelling as the splashback or have pressed metal. What do you think? Any ideas and thoughts are welcome.  J
Have a great week.
Mel xx



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