Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A window box full of herbs….
Hi Vintage Lovers,
Thought I'd pop by and give you a look at our kitchen window all finished off.

We ended up painting the window in an antique cream colour. 
We were keen to have all the windows in our old lady all timber but nothing ever goes as planned, does it ?????
The timber was so full of filler that it would have been impossible to leave it timber without the filler showing.
So painting was the only option.......but it has come up a treat and we are really happy with it.

We were then keen to find a window box (as the kitchen window looks straight out onto the carport we thought a bit of greenery would not go astray) for herbs, so we could just open the window and have all the herbs there for us to use.

Funny enough we found one closer than we expected - just around the corner from us at the garden centre.
It is an old wrought iron style made to match old windows and fits our kitchen window perfectly - we couldn't have asked for more and it looks fantastic.

Next month we are planning to buy another window box for the girls room (their room also looks out onto the carport area) to pop some flowers of their choice in. I am also planning to grow a glory vine along the far side of the carport (along the lattice in the previous photos) so the carport is a little bit easier on the eye, rather than looking straight at it with all the bins and fire wood that is stored there.
Hope you are having a fantastic week.
Mel xx


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