Monday, 13 October 2014

Our rustic outdoor area……….

Hi Vintage Lovers,
Just popping by to let you have a look at how our outdoor area is coming is still a work in progress......but the photos will give you an idea of what we are up to out there.

Now, back in March we found some old roofing iron in a salvage yard and we have used it to line the back wall of the area. We then thought the corrugated iron would also look fantastic on the shed doors.

We were even lucky enough to find some old corrugated iron with the manufacturer's stamp still visible.

We have started to hang old and vintage tools and implements from it..............
........... as well as others bits and pieces I have collected.

I would love to have some industrial lighting out there now (we only have a fluro light on one of the beams). Our Electrician is coming in the next week or so to finish off sorting out the shed wiring (we had some more power points put in a few weeks ago) and hopefully we can earth the outdoor area lights, then it will be safe to have the industrial lighting.
I have already found some in an antique shop.......that I would love to have.

Fingers Crossed J
Mel xx

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