Sunday, 5 October 2014

Playing in the Dirt……
Hi Vintage Lovers,

Ahhhh......spring is here......and you know how I love my garden and playing in the dirt, don't you ????? 

Well.....I have been doing just that and a lot of it of late !!!!!

We have been really busy creating new garden beds and planting hedging right around our old lady's borders, and over this weekend we have just finished mulching it all.

The plan with the hedging was to create a uniform look. All the fences are different shapes and sizes and the shed makes up part of the boundary fence, as well as dodgy makeshift structures (like tacked on carports, woodsheds and bbq areas) that needed to be removed.
It was going to be impossible to get it all looking the same without hedging.
So, 80 (yes.....80) hedging plants later......we have been busy little bee's.......we will have a hedge that will go right around our old lady's garden.......eventually.  

These pittosporums around the shed were planted back in April and they have doubled in size already.

Down the driveway side........

and down the other side of the garden.
We have also started our English Box hedging on this side.
 Friends of ours had this box hedging and didn't want it, so asked if we did........this was planned (Box hedging) to start next year so we will have different size plants along most of the borders. We  have just had an early start on it.

 We also bought a fruiting weeping mulberry for the area as well.
I love weeping my plan is to buy a different weeping tree every year for a while.

We have also been re-designing the back area around the tank area (we are planning to buy another tank shortly) and have planted pittosporums around that area as well.

We are now finished planting in the garden for the year.
I am so happy with the way the whole garden is coming she just needs to
Grow, Grow and Grow some more.

Mel xx


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