Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A new garden idea is hatched……..
Hi Vintage Lovers,

We have had a bit of a change of plans in the last week.
 After we finishing mulching the garden a few weeks ago.......we thought we would have a little break before starting the next house project, which is going to be the front rooms of our cottage, in the New Year.   

We were having a Sunday cuppa out on the church pew and we came up with the idea of extending the dry stone wall around the lawn area to include the outdoor area also. We have all the stone here that the previous owners had left......well hid under trees and behind the shed and store house for us. So we thought........why not give it a go.

The dry stone wall is already down the side of the lawn area that is on a higher level than our cottage.
Our idea is to continue the wall around the outdoor area to hide the cement slab.

We will move steps and create a semi-circle bed to match the semi-circle garden beds at the front of our old lady.........for a weeping maple with an English Box hedge eventually. The box hedging will continue around the outdoor area also. Then there will be steps on the other side of the area for access.

Now, it certainly will not be a quick reality it is a very big project and will be an ongoing project for a fair while. So our thought is to have this project as well as the front room project happening at the same time as, a lot of the work in the front rooms will be completed by the tradies first up.
 You know me, I don't like to sit still for long. J
Mel xx


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