Saturday, 13 December 2014

Welcome Summer and Christmas 2014
Hi Vintage Lovers,

Where has this year gone???
 Can't believe it is December and we are talking Christmas already !!!

My hydrangeas and agapanthus have started flowering.......which always spells Summer and Christmas to me.
As you know I've had a little break from the blog of late........due to the business in the lead up to the end of year.......lots of school presentations and concerts as well as Christmas preparations, Christmas baking and decorating of our old lady.
All my Christmas preparations and shopping is all done ...... but, I am certainly not ready to be thinking about and planning 2015......although there is a lot to be planned out for next year with the next stage of renovations for our old lady.

The kids are now on school holidays, so I am looking forward to enjoying the first weeks of the school holidays with the kids without rushing around.

I hope you find time to enjoy the last few weeks of 2014 with your family and friends and not get too caught up in the mad Christmas rush.
Mel xx


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