Friday, 2 August 2013

Plaster, Plugs and Timber
Hi Vintage Lovers,

Our kitchen is progressing well. The plasterer has now finished the major works that were needed and it looks fantastic. We need to complete the fine detail work as there are still some areas that need attention where previous jobs haven't been finished off as well as they might have been.
I couldn't resist trying some of my enamel collection on the bench, even though we are far from finished.
The sparky has begun fitting some of the power points above the kitchen bench so we are able to use some electrical items now - it is great be able to boil the kettle again inside!!! We are really happy with how it is all coming together.

There has been a bit of a delay with the light fittings but we should have them in the next week or two. It has not really been that much of a hassle as there is so much to go on with anyway.

There are quite a number of different size and style of skirting boards in our old lady that we found and it has been quite interesting to work out which ones we feel are the original ones.

After some research we decided on this skirting as we are thinking this one would have been part of the original skirting boards with the sizing and mouldings.

Yesterday, Dad and I went to Bone Timber to have a look at timber skirting and architrave mouldings. They have a huge range of timber mouldings. They have a skirting almost identically the same as the one we are after.

Bones also has a wide range of door architrave mouldings. They had exactly what I was looking for. I need to match up some door mouldings for the kitchen cupboards.

The cupboard that has been fitted into the space where the original outside window was before the extension was done. I am wanting to put wooden doors on with the same architrave moulding as the main kitchen doors.

 We have also been paint stripping the kitchen window.
Paint stripping is a horrible job but it must be done if we are to restore the window frame to its original splendour.



We are half way though this job and will be continuing to work on it over this weekend. 
Have a fantastic weekend.
Mel xx


  1. Great work there guys! Looking amazing. Dawn