Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Battening down the Hatches

Hi Vintages Lovers,

We are having the strangest weather here at the moment. Beautiful sunshine one minute and then rain and gale force winds the next. I don't think the garden knows what it's doing.......
Some of the trees think it's still winter.............

and others are thinking it is spring already.

 Some of the roses are in full spring bloom, which I love. So I am not complaining.
It's so wonderful to see colour in the garden over winter.

Over last weekend we had the most perfect weather. We spent most the weekend outside and were able to get some garden maintenance done. After being away on holidays we haven't had a chance to get out there and the garden was overgrown with weeds and it has been bugging me. I have had my blinkers on and trying to ignore them!!!!!
Over night we had gale force winds. It woke the whole house and this morning as I was getting the kids ready and taking them to school we had torrential rain with gutters overflowing and flooding on our back patio. It has calmed down now but is still bitterly cold and I am thinking of lighting the fires early this afternoon..........

 and doing some baking.
Nothing better on a bitterly cold winters day.

Keep warm

Mel xx



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