Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Day in the Garden……
Hi Vintage Lovers,

We have had the most beautiful day here and I spent it out in the garden. I have been wanting to get out there for weeks but the bitterly cold weather has kept me inside next to the roaring fire.

I have so many plans for the garden. The last owners of our old lady didn't spend much time looking after her, so her garden needs a lot of TLC now. The bones of the garden are good, but I have decided to clear a lot of the other areas that have become too over grown and untidy. I would like to snap my fingers and have the whole job finished but I am afraid that it will be over a long period of time.

To start with I need to get my clivias planted that I dug up and saved from our last house. That was today's job.

The spot I choose for my orange clivias is under this beautiful old tree (if you look close enough you can see the spring blossoms on the tree in the photo) in our front garden.
My orange clivias hold a special place in my heart, they were my grandma's, Lala as we used call her. If you have been reading my blog for a while now you may remember that I have blogged about Lala before in one of my previous posts about our 1939 club lounge.

Lala, in her hay day.

Here is the link to the post if you would like to read it again -

My yellow clivias will be planted underneath the fantastic old tree that stands behind the kids basketball hoop.
 But first I need to clear the garden beds from weeds and other plants.
 A Big Big job that took most of the day.........

for Sally and I.

Then planted the clivias around the base of the tree. Clivias love shade and grow in mass clumping which will be perfect beneath this tree.

I have left the other plants (on the left in the photo) in the garden bed for now. I will move them down the track when I decide what is happening in the other garden areas.

The yellow clivias made their way under this  fantastic old tree.

We are going to be having the most fantastic weather this week and I am planning to make the most of it and be out in the garden for most of the week.
Hope you had a great weekend also.
Mel xx



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