Friday, 6 September 2013

The First week of Spring……
Hi Vintage Lovers,

We have had the most gorgeous start to spring. The weather has been fantastic and I have spent most of the last two weeks out in the garden, which I have loved after months inside over the winter period. The spring warmth just makes you feel so much more energised and ready to enthusiastically take on any challenge in the garden.

I have started planning out new garden beds in the front garden as well and doing lots of weeding and pruning. I have decided to completely re-design the two garden beds at the front of the house. There wasn't much in the two garden beds and what was there is so over-grown that I decided to just start again.

We have an existing path that leads from the front gate to the front of the house. We have decided to keep the path but pop in a weeping birch half way along and create a paved walk way going around the tree. Then the garden beds on either side of the path I will plant out with a symmetrical pattern, with hedges, roses and bearded irises in between.

I have always loved my roses. They are such an age old plant that really speaks of tradition and I never get tired of them, even though they do take some work during pruning season.

But first I have been busy weeding, pruning and removing unwanted plants and lawn. I have also uncovered quite a few little gems along the way, like bulbs and bearded irises which is fantastic. I feel like I am on a treasure hunt!

My plan is to get the area prepared and ready for planting next year. Although I do need to plant all my bearded Irises in the next few weeks, that I kept from our old house, that have multiplied beautifully. I have decided to dig out the gravel from in front of the store house and pop them all in there for now until I am ready to plant them in the front garden.

I am sure I will have more than enough to fill the two areas either side of the little path in front of the store house, plus the irises in the front yard (that I have discovered) and I still have a large container of irises down at Mum and Dad's, whom have been kindly looking after them for me. 

Hope you are having this gorgeous spring weather also and you have time to get outside and enjoy it over the weekend.

That's my plan for the weekend. J
Mel xx

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