Wednesday, 11 September 2013

You can never have too much Green...can you?

Hi Vintage Lovers,
We are deciding on colours for the kitchen this week at The Old Croft and of course the colour choices are all green.
Surprise! Surprise!!!!!

I am a creature of habit, ask anyone who knows me!
We all have our little habits and one of mine happens to be the colour green, with a bit of cream and burgundy thrown in for fun.
 I have considered other colours, well for a few brief few seconds anyway, but I always seem to return to my old favourite.
I have loved the colour green since I was a child and I have no intentions of changing now! 

So the green colour choices have been narrowed to a few and we have painted samples of these in a few spots in the kitchen. Maybe a few is a slight under exaggeration! A bit more than a few, but you do have to be sure, don't you? You need to see it in all areas and how the light plays on all the angles.

We are leaning towards the darker green colour at the moment. It seems to suit the room better and works with the other fittings that we already have. We still have a week or two to decide though.
 We have had a bit of luck come our way this week also -
we were able to get the green glass lamp shades we were after.
I am soooooooo happy.
 The staff at Old Adelaide Restoration have been brilliant and went out of their way to find us these shades. They are made by an old glass factory in Vianne, a small town in the south of France.
The Vianne Glass Factory was in operation from the 1920's to 2005. They specialized in ornate and etched glass for all types of lamps and shades. The glass was all hand blown, which is just fantastic to have shades that are so unique and individual.
The three lights look fantastic and really set off the kitchen beautifully.
Just what the kitchen needed.

 I am certainly looking forward to painting.
You can never have too much green, can you?
Hope you are having fabulous week.
Mel xx

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