Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Let there be Light......

Hi Vintage Lovers,

Yay !!!! We now have lights! 
The electrician was here yesterday to put in the rest of the plugs and also the light fittings in the kitchen.

It certainly is good to have power and lights back.
We are really thrilled with all the light fittings.
We have chosen two hanging lights over the stove and sink area and then the centre light has an adjustable height pulley system. All three lights are antique bronze with timber bases.
There has been only one hiccup, we haven't been able to find the light shades we are after yet. We are really keen to have heritage green glass shades (my favourite colour). The staff at Old Adelaide Restoration have been fantastic and have been going out of their way to find us these shades. They have exhausted all leads in Adelaide and are now trying suppliers in Melbourne. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

They will look brilliant once the glass light shades go on and also balance the light fitting (it looks a little odd right now).

Our kitchen window is looking fantastic and is starting to take shape. Although we do have a few more hours to do on it yet. Stripping old windows with layers upon layers of paint is not a quick exercise. But well worth the effort in the long run.

 Our old Kraft Cheese box looks fabulous on the window sill already.

Hope you are having a great week.

Mel xx



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