Monday, 29 July 2013

The Fires are Roaring…..
Hi Vintage Lovers,

It has been so cold here........Brrrrrrrr.....I have spent the week rugged up.
We have the fires roaring since we have been home from our holiday. The fires have been fantastic, especially the oven in the kitchen. It is my favourite in our old lady.

 We have also been cooking on her every night. You can't beat wood oven cooked food. We even baked muffins last night in the wood oven.
They baked perfectly but we did leave them in a little too long.  It will take time to perfect the art but not bad for a first attempt. They tasted delicious. I have missed my baking and can't wait to try another batch of muffins or bickies in the next week or so.
We have cooked plenty of soup also over these cold nights, I wonder if  we need Agatha! I still can't wait for her to come though!
The plastering in the kitchen went well and looks fantastic. I will blog about that soon.
Hope you are having a fantastic week and keeping warm in this chilly weather.
Mel xx





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