Sunday, 14 February 2016

Our dry stone wall………
Hi Vintage Lovers,

Wow, February already and half way though too !!!!!!!
Where is this year disappearing !!??!!

Lots to catch you up on with our old lady, so I will start with the dry stone wall and then I will catch you up on the front room progress.

Ok ......... We have just finished the dry stone wall around the outdoor entaining area .... it looks fantastic. We are really happy with how the whole area is turning out. It centainly was a big job and took a while to complete, but was well worth the work and wait. 

So, just to jog your memory, as it was a little while since I blogged about it ...... we have widened the garden bed next to the outdoor entaining area, moved the steps up to the lawn area and created a circular bed area incorporated into the dry stone wall area. It now is  joined to the dry stone wall around the lawn area so it is now one continuous wall the whole area. 

Only one one problem now ........
I have to wait until April to start planting !!!!!!!!!

Although ( I couldn't resist ) ....... I have already planted a few bits, a pink and white wisteria to grow up the posts and around the edge of the outdoor area, as well as transplanting some bearded irises from other parts of the garden. 

I already have an idea of what I want to plant ....... a weeping maple in the circular area, bordered with box hedging and bearded irises around the edge of the bed.
Bring on April !!!!!!!!

Mel xx

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