Thursday, 29 October 2015

The first of the garden paths .........

Hi Vintage Lovers, 

Over the last few weeks we have re -paved the front garden path that leads to the front door. We already had a path but we decided to plant weeping birch ( you know how I love my weeping trees ) half way along the path, then create a circular path around the birch with the path leading off the circular area to the front door and gate.

We reused all the old pavers on the old path as well as some others that had been left here ........ we are thinking from the old fireplaces.

I found these old teracotta garden edging tiles ( I couldn't believe my luck ) in an antique shop a while ago to edge around the birch.

The gorgeous hand forged stakes that are on either side of the path are made by the blacksmith at Sovereign Hill. I am planning to plant standard iceberg roses ( to match the burgundy iceberg standards on the front verandah ), five each side of the path with box hedging bordering the roses. This will be next years project.

This years spring garden projects are coming to end apart from normal garden maintenance (time to start planning next years garden projects) and watering has now started as the garden is already showing signs of drying out.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Mel xx

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