Saturday, 10 October 2015

Ahhhhhh ........... its Spring  !!!!!!!!!!

Hi Vintage Lovers, 

Ahhhhhhh ........... Spring is here ............ and you know how much I love my garden and playing in the dirt, don't you  ???????

I love this time of year and to be honest I would be quite happy to spend all my time out in the garden ......... spring has only been here for a month and we have already been busy bees with lots of garden projects (hence why I haven't been blogging).

We have just finished mulching the garden and everything is growing beautifully and looking fantastic.

Over winter I was busy planting box hedging along the driveways in front of the pitasporums that I have growing to make a hedge to hide the ugly fence line. When the box hedging grows it will create a two tiered hedging. We also bought a weeping birch that we planted in the middle of the front walk way ( we have re-paved the front path to incorporate the birch into the path ........ pics in the next blog post ).

We have also created a new garden bed around our main lawn area for sunflowers over the summer period. Then during winter next year I will plant box hedging to match the driveways.

We have also created a bit of "garden art" with some mirrors. One in between the store house and fence to hide down the side of the sheds and the other one in between the two sheds so that you don't see the fence. The hedge will grow up to the edge of the mirror, and I have also planted a glory vine that will eventually grow over the arches.

All my bearded irises have been flowering beautifully and for the first time ever one of my yellow clivias have flowered  ( I have had it for five years). I certainly was not expecting it to flower as it was quite frost bitten.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend .......... I am planning to spend the rest of the weekend out in the garden playing in the dirt.

Mel xx

P.S. All the hay bales down the shed end of the garden are to save the pitasporums from all the footy,  soccor and cricket balls. I know they looks alittle silly but the certainly save my plants from being damaged. 

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  1. Your garden is absolutely beautiful. I am so jealous!