Sunday, 21 February 2016

Less lawn, more garden ........

Hi Vintage Lovers, 

As part of the "dry stone wall around the outdoor entertaining area project" we also decided to remove all the lawn in between the tanks and the outdoor area.

Now, I am not a great lawn lover at all and my plan is to eventually replace all the lawn with garden. We have already removed half of the area between the tanks and the outdoor area about a year ago to plant a veggie patch and now the rest has been removed to make the veggie patch bigger.  We also have placed stepping stones from the paved area to the outdoor area that the veggies will grow around.

The area has now been turned over, fertilized and mulched with pea straw ready for planting later this year.

I just have to be patient now, and gardening is all about being patient, isn't it???

Mel xx

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