Thursday, 17 July 2014

Friday Favourites
Hi Vintage Lovers,

It has been bitterly cold here the last two weeks, we are all rugged up and have had the fire roaring most days and nights to keep our old lady toasty and warm.

The school holidays have been lovely and relaxing, lots of sleep ins, lazy breckies, movies (Frozen is still the movie of the moment in our house), a bit of winter baking and hot pots of tea thrown in.

Talking of baking, I found this little enamel gem in an
antique shop recently and couldn't resist it. It is rather a rare item these days (I have never ever seen one nor had the shop owner). As you know I have a very big soft spot for green and cream enamelware, so it had to come home to be added to my collection.
Unfortunately it didn't have the old bickie cutters still inside, that would have definitely been the icing on the cake........well, icing on the biscuits!!!!
I will just have to keep hunting for vintage bickie cutters, so that the set is complete.

It has certainly been enjoyable to have some down time with the kids, but next week I am planning to get out in the garden (very rugged up, I might add) and get my hands dirty.  

Have a fantastic weekend, Friends.

Keep Smiling J
Mel xx


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  1. Hi Mel .. you haven't posted anything for months ... you would of done a lot of work in that time. Dawn :-)