Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Inspiration...comes in all shapes and forms.

Hi Vintage Lovers,
As it is school holidays here, I thought I would pop by and give you a quick look at the kids rooms and how they have decorated them. There is a bit of a story I will start right at the beginning.
It all started with a book, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (one of my favourite books and well worth a read if you haven't read it). Now I read this book about five years ago, and have re-read it quite a few times since then.
The book is written by a University professor who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and only has a short time to live. He is asked to give a last lecture but instead of talking about death and dying speaks about using our time as best we can because we never really know how much we have left. It is about following our childhood dreams, about seizing every moment and doing what makes us happy.
About a year ago I was keen for our oldest daughter to read the book. After much persuasion she agreed to read it. She is a huge reader but The Last Lecture didn't quite fit under her she needed a bit of talking into reading it. To her surprise, she did quite enjoy it and got a lot out of it......but the thing she couldn't stop asking us after reading it was if she could paint her walls with things that mattered to her like Randy talked about in the book. As a teenage boy, his parents allowed him to decorate his room by painting the walls with things that mattered to him. How could we say no ??????
As our cottage is to be completely renovated anyway we decided to use this inspiration and allow our kids to do the same for a bit of fun before we start renovating their rooms.
Here's what they came up with.......

Our girls share a room. So they have quotes from favourite books and movies. 

Our youngest is very much into star wars at the moment (as you can see with all the star wars Lego on his chest-a- draws)....... he decided to paint The Jedi Code above his bed.


The kids have more painting planned for over these holidays. 
I have a feeling it will be an ever changing mural until we start the renovations in their rooms. 

Mel xx


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