Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday Favourites
Hi Vintage Lovers,

It's been a busy week here.
Lots of home jobs were on my to-do list that needed to be done before the kids are on school holidays.
Can you hear my sigh of relief ???? (I am sure you can !!!!). I am rather tired (not to mention the kids are too) and really need a break from the daily routine.

I am looking forward to time to make a decent pot of tea (or two). I know it doesn't sound much, it is one of my little luxuries in life. I don't like to rush when I have a pot of tea, so I usually use tea bags day to day (as life is always busy - especially with kids) and only have pot tea when I have the time to enjoy the ritual.

We bought a new kettle last month which will make the pot tea ritual all the more enjoyable.......

......... a gorgeous Aga kettle. 

I have always wanted a reproduction vintage kettle. But, after we bought Agatha for our old lady the Aga vintage kettle moved up to the top of my wish list. So, when Mother's Day came around, I made a special request for an Aga kettle. It just took a little while to come in after being ordered....all good things are worth waiting for, aren't they ?????

As you can see she looks perfect on Agatha or on the wood stove in the kitchen.......

....... a wonderful addition to our vintage kitchen.

Have a great weekend.
Enjoy Yourself.
Mel xx

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