Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Decorations for Our Old Lady…

Hi Vintage Lovers,

Welcome to The Old Croft at Christmas Time!

 Over the last few weeks we have been busy decorating our old lady ready for Santa's arrival; nothing over the top (I try to keep it simple) but perfect for us.

Our Christmas Tree is in our front lounge room so that it can be seen from out on the street as people wander by.
I love seeing Christmas trees in windows. As kids we always had a competition to see who could count the most Christmas trees in windows.
 Our tree is living (I couldn't ever bring myself to have a fake one, it wouldn't seem right) and we have it decorated with all the kids ornaments that they have made at kindy and school. Which makes it so much more meaningful. The kids have even made paper chains (out of old Xmas cards) that we have instead of tinsel. The only bought item on our tree are the lights!

 The kids also made a paper chain (out of old cards again) for our advent calendar. Each of them wrote a special Christmas message on each one that we read out.........
 .......before we have a homemade chocolate.

Our Santa Sacks have made their way to our kitchen fireplace.
The perfect spot for them, waiting for Santa to fill them.

I have also filled our Old Lady with candles.
Which looks so magical when they are all lit.

Santa has even made his way to our table and looks picture-perfect with tea lights surrounding him.

So, there's quick tour of our festive decorating for our Old Lady.
Simple yet Effective, but also Inexpensive.
Because Christmas comes from Heart, not from the Store.
I hope you enjoyed your tour.

Mel xx



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