Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Baking.....

Hi Vintage Lovers,
Our Old Lady is smelling rather delicious right now.

I have been baking all afternoon, shortbread and gingerbread of course. Our Christmas just isn't right without the smell of shortbread and gingerbread wafting though the house. Christmas is literally in the air.

In addition to my traditional stars I have decided to try making gingerbread houses with the kids, to eat for morning tea on Christmas day.

Once we got the hang of the building process everyone had great fun...

... but the decorating was definitely the highlight!
 I don't think many of the lollies actually made it onto the house!

Here is the final result...

...proudly looked upon by the little bakers.

The only problem now is the tedious wait until the Christmas day tasting!

Mel xx

P.S. My shortbread recipe is already on the baking tab on my blog if you would like to try it. I will put the gingerbread house recipe on the blog for you soon. J


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