Monday, 21 October 2013

Two and a bit weeks to go….

Hi Vintage Lovers,

The last few weeks have flown by and I know it's been a couple of weeks between posts.
So here is a bit of an update......
Last weekend we went away for a few days just to catch up on some sleep, take it easy, and see everyone back home.
We had a fantastic time but it's now time to get back to all the jobs and there will be a few over the next few weeks. We are having a cleanup and taking a few loads to the dump, the work in the garden will be continuing, as well as finishing some final bits and pieces in the kitchen before our stove arrives.
Agatha (our stove) is due home on the 6th November !!!!! Yay!!!!
As you can guess I am just a little bit excited.
Only two and a bit weeks to go!!!!

So, there are plenty of little jobs to do before then.
The staining of the skirting boards being one of them,
that was last weekends job.


After planting the Irises (I have trimmed them now so they look a little different after the last photo of them) the other weekend, I have been planning the next stage of the garden bed.

I am going to create another garden bed around the Irises with a rosemary hedge that will highlight the store house and Irises. Down near the new shed I was thinking of planting a pittosporum hedge to hide it.

I then decided that my two iron gates would look fantastic in the garden bed as well. One at the front of the store house and the other at the back between the store house and the new shed.

Sooooo.........after poisoning the grass over the weekend and grabbing some rosemary clippings from Mum and Dad today and potting them up this afternoon. The garden bed is well and truly under way.
Hope you are having fabulous week.
Mel xx


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