Monday, 7 October 2013

The very busy long weekend….
 Hi Vintage Lovers,
Just  a quick update post.
 We have had a long weekend here and it has been a very busy one at that. My bones are aching all over tonight and I think I need an Epson salts bath and then my bed. 
We had a list of jobs for the weekend........and a perfect weekend for it.

So the first job was to plant the bearded irises around the old store house. These are the ones that I kept from our old home and they have multiplied beautifully. I have decided to dig out the gravel from in front of the store house and pop them all in there for now until I am ready to plant them in the front garden.
I  had more than enough irises to fill the two areas either side of the little path and still have some left over for another area in the garden. 
 The two terracotta pots contain pink geraniums that I rescued from the front garden; they were covered with weeds the poor things.
They are much happier now and they have even given me a couple of flowers already.
 I am so happy with the area.
The irises look fantastic and I will not want to move them back into the front garden.

We also moved the last of my vintage collections  home from Mum and Dad's.
My favourite piece that came home was my 1880's church pew.
She is about 4 metres long so the perfect spot for her is along the long side of the outdoor entertaining area. 
The kitchen went back to looking a building site this weekend while we attached the skirting boards. My Dad helped (A very big big big thank you, Dad) us today and we couldn't have done it without him.
Now, it was a bit of a different process to pop the skirting boards on due to the old bluestone walls and the plaster. Hence why it was fantastic to have Dad on hand. His wealth of knowledge is invaluable when it comes to old homes and renovating them.
The skirting boards are yet to be stained and varnished, we will tackle that after a few days away next week.
I will post a helpful tutorial on "How to" attach skirting boards in the next day or two.
Mel xx


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