Friday, 4 October 2013

A sheltered spot…

Hi Vintage Lovers,
This week has disappeared way too quick as holidays always seem to, don't they???? 

This is the first beautiful spring day we have had for the school holidays. The rest of this week we have had gale force winds and huge downpours of rain.
Certainly not spring weather at all!!!!!

We have had a chance to do a few outside jobs in between rain showers and gusts of wind. Not as many as I would have liked to do. But a few is better than none at all, right?????

I have planted the hydrangeas that I bought a few weeks ago in a sheltered spot at the back of the garden.
 A perfect spot for them.

This garden bed was empty and with the over hanging tree branches from the neighbours yard it is the ideal spot for them. I went for five different colours - red, pink, white, purple and blue. I can't wait for them all to grow and flower. They will certainly hide the fence eventually which will be fantastic.

I have also been given a few more orange clivias from a friend, so I decided that the perfect spot for them would be in front of the hydrangeas. The lawn in that area was not growing due to the beautiful over hanging branches, so I decided to create a new garden bed and pop the clivias in there.

I then decided a touch of vintage was needed to finish the job off. So I popped my old iron tulips in between the hydrangeas. I found these at a vintage garden shop a while ago and couldn't resist buying them.
Aren't they just gorgeous?????
I just love them.......
.......and just perfect for holding tea lights.
 Enjoy your weekend.
 Mel xx



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