Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A "How to attach Skirting Boards" Tutorial

Here is the tutorial on "How to" attach skirting boards as promised.

1) Cut the end of the skirting that fits into the corner at 45 degrees. Measure the length required and cut to fit.

2) Pre drill the nail holes to prevent the timber from splitting. Use a drill size approximately half the diameter of the nails to be used.
3) Sit the skirting board in place and gently tap the nails into the plaster wall to mark the position of the plugs.
4) Circle the nail marks with a pen or pencil to avoid losing your place and drilling in the wrong position.
5) Drill to the required depth using a masonry bit on the "Hammer" setting. The depth is easy to set by pre measuring and marking on the drill bit using tape. 

6) Remove as much dust as possible from the hole.

7) Measure, cut and taper the ends of the dowel plugs. 

8) Hammer the dowel plugs into the wall ensuring a firm (but not too tight) fit. Liquid nails can be used if the fit is a little too loose.

9) Sit the skirting board in position and hammer the nails into the dowel plugs until just the head of the nail remains.
10) Using a nail punch, bury the nail head of the nail about 2-3mm below the surface of the skirting board.

11) Cut the matching skirting board and repeat the process. 

 I hope this tutorial is helpful and has given you a few tips as working with old houses can be tricky sometimes, but certainly not impossible and well worth the extra effort.
Mel xx
P.S. I have created a 'how to/tutorial' tab on the blog for future reference. J



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