Monday, 28 January 2013

More Time

Hi Vintage Lovers,

School's back in....... It all went well this morning for the first school day of the year and no tears from me! I did better than I thought I would. My mum shouted us a coffee (after school drop-off) and then we did a morning of op-shopping. One of my favourite pass-times with one of my favourite people.

The house is going to be very very quiet and I will have alot more time on my hands. A bit too quiet, It may take a while to get used to. I'll have to get busy and get all those jobs done, that I've been putting off and now I have time for. It does give me lots more time to be a Vintage Treasure Hunter which I can't wait for.

I still have Sally to keep me company.

Sally is our beautiful Border Collie who is now twelve and a half. She does spend a lot of time sleeping and taking it easy these days........
She doesn't like being that far away from me, so she is very good company and doesn't mind jumping in the car for treasure hunting adventures.
Have a fantastic week.

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