Sunday, 25 January 2015

Last Lazy Days ……..

Hi Vintage Lovers,
Hope you are having a lovely weekend and enjoying celebrating Australia Day.
I am still in holiday mode here but the slow summer days are coming to an end as the kidlets go back to school tomorrow. Once tomorrow ticks over the crazy busy year will start ....... so I am making the most of having a lazy day at home today. J

My sunflowers have loved all this rain we have been having.

We really haven't had summer so to speak of yet here, really strange weather.......we have gone from a few really very hot days in early January (I did lose a few plants and others were quite badly burnt) to drenching rain with chilly days and nights. We have all been rugging up with rugs over us at night !!!! Not that I mind, I am not really a summer person, much prefer the cooler weather. We have had lots of rain which the garden has loved and it has been lovely not to rush around watering every night ....... one less job to do !!!!!!!!

 So, next week ........ I am planning to get back out into the garden to get some overdue jobs done, as well as to start demolishing the rest of the front rooms (our electrician came last week to disconnect the wiring) and I also have a new project on the go. It is under wraps at the moment, but I will keep you posted.
Mel xx


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