Saturday, 14 February 2015

 Demolition and a Slow Weekend ……..
Hi Vintage Lovers,
 It has been a bit of a slower weekend here.
Summer has finally arrived, as it has been rather hot with a north wind blowing a gale all weekend. Up until now we really have not had a summer (which I am rather thankful for) with very mild weather, chilly nights and quite a bit of rain in late January. 

So needless to say we didn't spend much time outside over the weekend ........ we started the
demolition in the front rooms instead.
The stud wall has come out as well as the second bookcase.

The area looks much much better now that stud wall has disappeared. It has really opened up the area ........ just what we were hoping for. The stone fireplace still needs to be removed. It is too large and dominates the area (even with the stud wall gone) so we will start the demolition next weekend ....... Although it will take a few weekends to finish.
Mel xx


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