Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Front Rooms
Hi Vintage Lovers,
Over the Christmas and New Year break we had a chance to start looking at and planning the renovations for the front rooms of our Old Lady.
 We were using the rooms as our bedroom and a music/sitting room, which the front door opened into.
The photos don't do the area justice ........ it is quite a large area, 8 metres by 4 metres with 12 foot ceilings.

This photo was taken just before we moved into our Old Lady (I haven't taken one since then !?!)
We have decided to completely gut the room or two rooms as it is right now and start over again. Previous owners of our Old Lady put in a stud wall to create two rooms rather than have one main living area up the front of our cottage. We have decided to return the front rooms to one main front to retain the original detail and character.
It will be our sitting and music rooms ......... eventually.
We moved out of the rooms and have started some of the removal of old skirting boards and built - in bookcases over the break.

We now need to get the electrician in to disconnect the wiring, which will be in the next few weeks .......then we can finish the demolition of the other built-in bookcase and stud wall.
Now this is what we discovered under the built-in bookcase we have removed already (as well as under the stud wall ) and we are certain this is what we will find under the bookcase yet to be taken out !!!!
So, needless to say we will need to replace the timber flooring in the area.

This fireplace is not the original one ....... so this is coming out also, as it is too big and dominates the room and is not well constructed either.

The original room had fireplaces up each end, but both were taken out by previous owners and have just left the chimneys on the roof for cosmetic value. So .......... Once the fireplace, stud wall and other bookcase is removed we will decide what the area needs and work out if it is feasible to re-construct the fireplaces in the original way.

I am certainly crossing my fingers and toes that this can happen, you know how I like to restore (as much as possible) to what it would have been when our Old Lady was first built. J
Mel xx



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