Monday, 30 June 2014

 Finally, the new old front gate……..

Hi Vintage Lovers,
My apologies (I am a little red faced) for being absent from the blog for a few weeks -
the craziness of life took over so the blog has been rather neglected of late.
We have quite a few jobs under way at the moment but we have had holdups on each and everyone of them which is rather frustrating to say the least. Our front gate that we thought would be up and erected within a couple of weeks .....silly us.
If you remember, we found the old gate in a local second-hand shop and couldn't resist her. She is a Simpson Pioneer gate.........but before we could pop her up she did need a bit of TLC......
........there was a missing section on the gate (we came to the conclusion that the poor thing had been run over by a tractor or something) that had to be repaired, but we needed to find an old bit of pipe that matched in diameter
(not an easy job).
My dad ended up finding one for us and welding it in.
 Thanks, Dad. You are one in a million. J

Then she was off to the powder coaters which then took longer then we expected.
So eights weeks later we have our old gate back and have erected her on the front driveway, so that we could pull down the carport gate and other side fence, to make the garden one complete area.

 Here's a couple of old pics of the carport gate and other side fence........ 

and some pics after we had taken down the gate and side fence -
it looks so much better and bigger.

Our next jobs are to finish planting the hedging plants around the garden borders.......if the rain holds off just a little while....... lets hope so. 
Have a great week.
Mel xx

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