Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday Favourites
Happy Friday and Weekend, Everyone.

Well, what a wonderful week of fine weather we have had here.
Unseasonably warm, but great for doing some garden jobs.
We have been removing some trees that were scraggly and overgrown (as well as piles of rocks that had been hidden under the trees) along one of the fence lines to make way for some more hedge plants. I am also planning to plant a weeping mulberry ( I have always had a soft spot for weeping trees) in the area also (I will post some photos soon).

We will be working on that garden area over the weekend as I am keen to get it planted as soon as possible to make the most of the winter rains.

Ok, I have had a few op-shop finds over the last few weeks...

These gorgeous little enamel spice containers for $10.
I have never seen any quite like these.
I am quite excited about adding these to my green and cream enamel collection.
 I did do a little happy dance as soon as I spotted them.

The old hand embroidered napkins, a vintage biscuit cutter,
the Cadbury Cocoa tin and an old bread and butter plate all for $6.
Whenever I find old bits of crockery in op-shops
I buy them and we use it as our every day plates, it is quite an eclectic mix.

 Have a fabulous weekend, Friends.
Mel xx


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