Sunday, 13 March 2016

A Exciting Suprise …

Hi Vintages Lovers,

We have a bit of a discovery  ....... A few weeks ago we had a bit of spare time ( a real rarity for us) one weekend and we decided to have a look and dig around in the store house. We have always wondered if the store house at one time had a cellar, as the cement that the previous owners had laid had cracked and caved in. 

So we broke up the cerment and crowbar sunk in about half way without even trying. That's when we started thinking it may defentaly be a cellar and started digging. 

We have dug about three foot down and the stone wall looks like it goes further, we are now thinking maybe to six foot !!!!!!!!

We also think this is a little window for ventaaliatin in the cellar as we are thinking the floor level may be at the old woodern beam nailed on to the door frame in the next photo.

We are very excited about the find and are looking forward to doing more investigating. 

Have a fantastic week. 

Mel xx

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