Saturday, 23 November 2013

Moving In and an Open Pantry………
Hi Vintage Lovers,

A big Sorry, It's been a few weeks between posts.....
we have been rather busy around here and not taking it easy.....anything but!!!
After Agatha (I am smitten with her) arriving a few weeks ago we have been making the most of having an oven again and doing lots of cooking and baking. I cooked my first batch of shortbread in her last week. Lets just say they were delicious and disappeared very quickly.

We have also moved our leadlight cabinet into the kitchen and unpacked all of our kitchen bits and pieces. Everything has fitted in perfectly, like it was meant to be......although I did have a big cleanout and did take quite few bags to Goodwill.
It is amazing how much you collect.....without even trying!!!

We then had a decision to make.......what to do with the old kitchen window cavity that the previous owners had made in to a pantry (with doors).
We have been deciding which doors to pop back on that will suit the kitchen as we are planning to change the cupboard doors on the kitchen bench now also (they are just tounge and groove timber). 

I then had a thought - why don't we have an open pantry and make a feature out of the old window cavity instead of trying to hide it away.

We then attached matching architrave moulding (the same as the old door frames in the kitchen), sanded it down and stained and varnished.......and here is the outcome........
........We couldn't be happier with the result.
It matches the kitchen perfectly.
  I have a spot to display all my old tins and also an excuse to buy more old kitchen tins to pop food into to hide the modern packing.
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

Mel xx



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  1. That shelving looks great Mel .... good usage of the area :-)