Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A History Lesson……..
Hi Vintage Lovers,

I have been doing a little bit of research on "The Old Croft".

The previous owners had this old photo of "The Old Croft" and gave it to us when we bought her. I love knowing information about old houses and buildings, not that you will ever know all of it and that is also part of the appeal for me. So I decided to do a little detective work...............

Our local libaray has a history centre, which is where I started my search. A Heritage Survey was done in 2003 for our town which "The Old Croft" featured in.

I have discovered that one of the origial owners of "The Old Croft"  were the Scown family, George Scown owned a farm near by and then retired to "The Old Croft" in 1883. We are not sure if these ladys in the photo are part of the Scown family.
In a funny twist of fate, George is the great grand uncle of one of our good friends. He was able to tell us that George died at "The Old Croft" at the age of 73 in 1913, after a battle with cancer. George, with his wife (Emily) and son (Henry) are buried in our local cemetery.
Then we went for a wander the other day in the cemetery, to see if we could find them.
It wasn't long before we found the Scown family.

I am rather excited, I can't believe we have been this lucky to find out this amount of information about "The Old Croft" already. I am looking forward to doing some more investigating in the coming weeks and months.....................
but first, I have to organize an electrican, stonemason and someone to look at polishing the floorboards.
 I just love owning an old house.
Thanks for stopping by.
Mel xx

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